The need to paint

For the past fifteen years I have lived parallel lives, one focused on high-tech and the other focused on art, and until very recently never mixing the two. In this world of right-brain and left-brain I have found the stimulus for creating my paintings. My work borders representational and non-objective art. All of my work is based on abstract shapes and emotions I see and feel. Nature is my biggest driver. As an expressionist, my objective is to take elements from nature, abstract them, and treat them by means of emotive colour, texture and shapes, driving the viewer to react to my work personally.

Via the main menu you can navigate directly to my painting collections : Wendland Gallery, Collection 2005, Collection 2007, Collection 2009, and soon I will post the new Collection 2011.

Below you can click on the the thumbnails to see full-size versions of my painting in a custom lightbox.

Wendland Gallery

For a number of years I have opened seasonal galleries, recently I have done so in Ascona, Switzerland, Laguna Beach, California and one year in Bogata, Columbia at a friends gallery. I usually find unoccupied spaces in a high-traffic area and with minimal investment I hang my shingle and open the doors to the public, typically my galleries are open for several months during the summer and then I pack them up and move on.

Wendland Gallery – Ascona, Switzerland
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