I was born in Paris, France and raised in Europe where I was heavily influenced by a family of painters, sculptors and art merchants. Formally educated in Italy, France, Germany, England and finally in the United States, all of my prized accomplishments have revolved around the world of painting and photography.



For the last 15 years I have dedicated the majority of his time to producing fine art photography, recreating my representational style of paintings in the world of shutters and lenses. I approach photography from a purely creative perspective using my cameras to paint the images I see in front of me. Mostly working with live performances, where artists project their craft, I capture motion, emotion, light, distortion and colors, creating a unique artistic representation of a point in time. In my photographs you can see and feel the passion of the performances I capture.

Since my return to the United States a number of years ago, after living and working in Switzerland for 10 years, my work has ben focused on several large projects, you can see more in the following pages and in my online galleries at www.flickr.com where my photographs have been seen over 33 million times worldwide. You can also buy my published books at www.blurb.com and check out my collection of over 12,000 Polaroid styled snapshots on Facebook at The Polaroid Philosopher.



For over 30 years I lived parallel lives, one focused on painting and photography and the other focused on high-tech, never mixing the two. In this world of right and left-brain he finds solace and the stimulus for creating my unique brand of art. As an expressionist my paintings have always bordered on representational and non-objective art. My painting are based on abstraction of shapes, motion and emotions, where nature and humanity are his biggest drivers.